Empowering entrepreneurs in LATAM

How do we capitalize on the knowledge of one of the best accelerators in Latin America to generate an impact on the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Where startups become companies

The challenge

Incutex started in 2012 as the first Company Builder of Argentina, and since then it has been a key player in the development of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. To date, it has worked and collaborated with more than 100 startups, raised funds for USD 3.8 million and invested in 15 startups.

Each year, Incutex selects three companies for its incubation program, through which it provides mentoring, training, technical support and constant monitoring. In addition, they have a network of mentors and investors, as well as strategic alliances with institutions that provide additional financing and access to innovation.

Incutex’s current challenge is to give a twist to traditional entrepreneurial development scenarios, looking for ways, platforms, and tools that allow an effective and transformational impact on Latin American entrepreneurs.


Online courses


Learning objects

How do we bring the process of creating and developing startups to an online format? We capitalize the knowledge and experience of Incutex in the regional ecosystem to strengthen entrepreneurial talent, in every corner of the world, through an online incubation experience that puts the state-of-the-art in entrepreneurship.

The solution

Incutex Academy is an online startup incubation platform that seeks to attract, incubate and train entrepreneurs from all over the world through a relevant, personalized and transformative experience.

Incutex Academy's Online Startup Incubation Program is an experience based on innovative technologies and a unique learning methodology, which ensures that participants acquire content, skills, and competencies in each step of the process, developed by internationally-renowned specialists and entrepreneurs.