The language that the industry speaks

How we collaborate in the positioning and international expansion of MAMAN GROUP as a leader in training for the oil and gas industry?

Specific content for offshore operations

The challenge

MAMAN GROUP was founded in 2001 in Brazil with the goal of improving communication in business. Its flagship product, MAMAN TRAINING INTERNATIONAL, is specifically aimed at technical education and language training, used for safety, oriented to the oil and gas industry.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, its teaching know-how is globally recognized in the oil and gas industry, mainly in oil platforms and cargo ships of Brazil, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, and Senegal. The next ambition of MAMAN GROUP is the creation of a platform that allows it to accelerate its international expansion process through an innovative teaching proposal.


Online certificates


Online courses


Learning objects

This is how we bring their know-how into an effective online learning experience.

The solution

Recently developed and presented to the market, Oversea Training is an interactive, simple and intuitive online learning platform with an exclusive method, focused on companies in the oil and gas sector.

The first proposal of Oversea Training is the online English course Prospect Series, specially designed for people linked to the offshore corporate environment. With exercises based on daily work situations, ubiquitous learning, expert feedback and personalized monitoring of activities, Prospect Series seeks to improve communication, reduce risks and increase productivity in daily work.