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Barça Innovation Hub is the world’s number one center for sports knowledge and innovation. We are part of it.

The great laboratory for the future of sports

The challange

FC Barcelona has grown into a sports club and social entity of worldwide scope and relevance, with a powerful and widely-recognized name. But the Club won’t settle for that. It now has the opportunity to take a further step forward and be at the forefront of the management and leadership sports world, as it aims to also set new standards in the field of sporting knowledge and innovation.

Barça Innovation Hub is an ecosystem that promotes knowledge and innovation, in collaboration with prestigious brands, universities, research centers, startups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors and visionaries from around the world. With this Barça wants to generate new knowledge and create new products and services, which can benefit not only its own athletes but also society.

Through Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas, FC Barcelona undertook to spread its knowledge to create a new generation of professionals in the sports field. In this context, Barça Innovation Hub is associated with Capabilia to incorporate, create and disseminate knowledge on a global scale.


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This is how we turned BIHUB's philosophy into a digital key and leverage its knowledge to the world.

The solution

Capabilia took the “hub” concept and got involved in the design of the entire digital experience of Barça Innovation Hub. This mainly (but not only) includes the end-to-end creation, promotion, service, and support of fully-digital lifelong learning experiences.

BIHUB brings access to the latest research of FC Barcelona experts, letting their knowledge to be valued and shared with the world. In addition, it showcases its offering of Masters’ programs, courses, seminars, conferences and symposiums about the state-of-the-art in its main knowledge areas: team sports, sports performance, analysis and sports technology, health and wellness, fan engagement, smart facilities, and social impact.

The results

The digital training proposal of Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas was a real success among professionals in the sports industry. The quality of the learning experience, the expertise of advisors and teachers, plus the support of a global brand such as FC Barcelona were key to spread the initiative far and wide.

People reaching their highest potential