Conmebol Evolución

The challenge

The South American Football Confederation, CONMEBOL, is the confederation of national football associations (federations) in South America founded in 1916. It was the first confederation of its kind, created almost 40 years before the others. It has ten member federations. CONMEBOL observes how the sports industry and the South American football are in a constant growing situation, demanding institutions, federations, and clubs to develop and professionalise talents through effective educational experiences. But, how such an emblematic institution like CONMEBOL should do it? In line with the pioneer spirit which characterizes it, CONMEBOL finds in the opportunity to dive into the world of digital education and learning experiences a way to innovate and become a model in the area.

The solution

The development of a virtual platform through the Programa Evolución which allows us to reach the corners of South America and the world to contribute to the football professionalisation on and off the field. The Platform chooses for football professionalisation, the growth of all the disciplines within football and the integral education of all those who are part of football. Capabilia put all its expertise at the service of CONMEBOL to build this Platform to achieve the development of an integral digital education that provides participants with real value. In this way, Capabilia laid out a working plan integrating four big areas of service to achieve effective learning experiences. The design and production of transformational content with experts on the topics, based on the competence learning model and the instructional design adapted to online learning. It was always focused on the participants, keeping in mind a personalised and effective learning design. It always goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology,100% cloud infrastructure. Capabilia always encourages growth, and it proposed CONMEBOL a growth strategy based on data and the optimisation of its profile. EVOLUCION ES CONEMBOL turns, in this way, into a specific content platform created by experts in each topic to add value in such a popular sport like football. The topics approached on the platform are essential to the industry: sports management, marketing, communication, sports sciences, sports security, among others. CONMEBOL makes available for federations, leagues, institutions, and the football passionate all its expertise and knowledge gathered in years of experience and work.