A new approach to studies

How do we collaborate with Universidad Ameriana to make a real digital transformation?

Where professional continue their training.

The challenge

Today, time is a determining asset and the technological consumption and learning habits have been adapted to the availability of the company or user, who ultimately decide how much time and space will be devoted to learning. Thus, for the Paraguayan population, where 95% of young people have access to the internet, it is a basic tool if we speak of innovation. Universidad Americana took the first step by getting into the offer of continuous education considering that the new approach to studies should concentrate on creativity, artificial intelligence, and programming.






Learning objects

The solution

CAPABILIA together with Universidad Americana collaborate to make digital transformation a reality beyond resistance to change. This partnership represents the opportunity to reduce the gap between those who finished a degree and those who studied other courses or educational training. The focus is on advice and support to achieve the focus of the student's skills and competencies, guiding them towards the development and improvement of their performance through professionalisation. In this sense, the student’s “know-how” is promoted, considering that the future is in digital careers such as UX design, Digital Marketing, and digital project management. As strategic partners, CAPABILIA and Universidad Americana, collaborate with the development of Paraguayan digital education, focusing on the production and transmission of knowledge that meets the expectations of people who look for going one step further in their education, those who seek to have the skills that the current digital world demands.