The opportunity to update your knowledge

How do we collaborate with Areandina to reduce the skill-gap in Colombia?

Learning experiences for professionals of the future

The challenge

Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina, Areandina, is an IES Higher Education Institution in Colombia, founded in 1984. It has 36 years of academic experience and from the beginning has sought to improve its students’ quality of life by developing educational and human skills, for the improvement of the coexistence and survival of society. In this sense and looking to add to the digital transformation wave and offer true effective learning experiences for the new model determined by the times of technological consumption habits, is that Areandina decides to add a virtual space along with Capabilia. Today continuing education represents the opportunity to strengthen and update knowledge, directed to optimising and constantly strengthening professionals and therefore the organizations they belong to.






Learning objects

The solution

Areandina forms an alliance with Capabilia to walk the path of digital transformation and take a step to reduce the skill-gap in the current market. The acquisition by students of skills and competencies for effective use in the labour market is the main search, seeking professionalisation, specialisation and excellence in each academic field. Capably and Arcadian become strategic partners to increase Colombia's academic offer in digital modality. The objective is to achieve effective and transformative learning experiences that provide tangible and immediate value to people who need to go one step further in their respective professions within a highly competitive market.