We transform institutions

into their best digital version

Capabilia partners with companies and universities to design and deliver effective and memorable online learning experiences to every corner of the world using innovative and technological solutions, enhance by data and powered by personalized interactions.

What we do

We provide a comprehensive service, which tightly integrates technology to offer the tools companies and universities need for coping with future challenges to learning experiences.
Ours is an end-to-end service, which comprises the content development, technology, services, and data architecture in order to transform your institutions an offer meaningful learning experiences.

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Approaching a learning experience for a company could represent a real challenge whether is headed toward an internal audience or an external one. In every case, we strengthen strategy, leadership and the skills of your talents in order to make them feel recognized and to achieve its maximum potential, both at a personal level and as a company.


Most educational institutions struggle to innovate quickly enough to prepare students for the jobs of the future. Through our platform, we ensure effective skills training and access to quality executive education programs.

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How we do it

Each case represents a unique challenge and new opportunities. We use a ""Platformized"" system approach, which means our portfolio is inspired, built and developed as a platform.

We encourage

• Digital marketing, distribution and commercialization.
• Program portfolio management.
• Data-driven growth strategy.
• Ad-hoc customer journey design.



We implement
Cutting-Edge Technology

• CLS (Capabilia Learning Suite) for the management of multiple clients.
• Responsive technology to improve user experience.
• 100% cloud-based infrastructure to guarantee high availability in all services.
• Set of support tools at the different points of the customer journey.
• Data protection compliance (GDPR) on all platforms.





We provide
A solid methodology and academic services

• Full-stack academic services.
• Participant-centric mindset and optimized processes.
• Design of a meaningful, custom learning experience.
• Academic operations service
• Enrollment service.
• Retention, guidance and personalization.



We producer and offer
Transformative Content

• Access to best-in-class programs, co-created by subject-matter experts.
• Competency-based learning model.
• Instructional design adapted for online learning.
• Transformation of existing content into a digital learning experience.

We drive growth

Do you want to know how?